Computers are daily and basic necessities to stay connected these days. Everyone is almost always in front of some sort of electronic device, and because of this we eventually run into problems. We are a company that deals with all manner of repair of computers and related gadgets. We start by identifying the cause of the damage before beginning repair. From the our hard earned professional experience, we guarantee consistent, reliable results to all our customers. Our focus is to get that device back to its normal working condition and even optimize it to your needs.


Our Services


We pride ourselves in offering affordable service to all our clients. With the aim of solving all the computer issues, our services take care of all computer components. Customer needs and satisfaction are our motivators in achieving 100% quality results. Regardless of the issue at hand, we have a technician ready to tackle the specific issue.

Macbook in use

Crashing, unresponsiveness, or nagging upgrades from software are issues we can solve. They mainly affect the activity of the computer, slowing or even closing it down completely. We upgrade software systems to ensure the system as a whole has higher optimization, in addition to fixing such problems.

Mac and Mac Books
For these mobile computers, users experience all manner of problems that require professional solutions. Given that macbooks are technically complicated, they require special skills to detect and solve their issues. Our technicians have reliable experience with dealing with these devices, making us a favorite for many customers who rely on Apple products.

PC and Windows
Windows software is sometimes problematic to your personal computer. Upon visiting our company, we can help assess the cause of your PC and windows problems. You can expect our technicians to perform hard disk upgrades and Windows installations in order to get your PC working. In addition, we have replacement accessories for all types of PC, regardless of the brand.

We specialize in printer repair and servicing. Examples would include cartridge, hardware and software maintenance and replacement. When you visit our company, we’ll solve issues like bad ink regulation and slow processing speed. We deal with both the old and modern printers.